April 25, 2016

Oops! Nasty!


booms the leaflet in front of me advertising a “new” book. It may be recently published, but it sounds like recycled Pakeha prejudice and colonization crap to me. Nothing new there! The leaflet features old favourites like:

reversed racism
Maori privilege
no full-blooded Maori(s) left
Maori ceded sovereignty
Maori violence
benefits of colonisation for stone-age people

It stands against the Maori roll and Maori seats, the Waitangi Tribunal and opposes co-governance and all agreements for participation and development reached with the Auckland Council. On the side it also promulgates the myth that Maori want to exclude other New Zealanders from beaches and generally comes across like a primer of settler fears and anxieties.

Democracy their way, i.e. majority rule, maintains racial privilege for Euro-descended settlers. No hint of consensus democracy here.

If they can pack all this and more on two sides of A4, I shudder to think what they can stuff into a whole book. Don’t waste $40!!!

Mitzi Nairn

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